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Scholarship Application


The application window is currently:


Thank you for your interest

Our processes are under construction at the moment. We appreciate both your patience and understanding as we work to optimize the application and selection process for all candidates. Our current target for reopening the application window is August 15th. Make sure to stay in the loop by clicking the notification button below!

Applications open:




You will be applying for the following cohorts:

*These services are provided by Hudson Institute of Coaching, a for-profit organization.

About the Scholarship

Who is this scholarship for?

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Public Sector Leaders

Non-Profit Leaders

Community Leaders

Eligibility requirements:

Annual Household Income of $80,000 or less

This requirement was established after a comprehensive evaluation of current participant demographics, alongside an in-depth examination of attendance costs at Hudson. In alignment with Hudson’s mission to expand access, the Frederic Hudson Scholarship Program has been specifically designed for those who come from households earning $80,0000 annually or less. 

Evaluation criteria:

We will be evaluating applicants on the basis of need, personal narrative, and potential for impact. You can find more detail on these in application materials section below.

Application materials:

Two Short Essays

Short Essay 1: Personal Narrative (Word Count: 1,000 Max)

The Hudson Coach Certification and LifeForward programs are dedicated to nurturing leaders through the process of self-exploration. We invite you to reflect on your journey and share your narrative by addressing the following questions in a short essay:

  • What activities or events in your life have helped to prepare you for coaching?

  • How would you describe your personal qualities that support your becoming a coach at this time?

  • What attracted you to the Frederic Hudson Scholarship program?

  • How do you hope this program/experience will stretch you and your learning?/ How do you hope this program/experience will inspire you to develop and explore new avenues for learning?

  • Does the applicant provide relevant information?

  • Does the applicant describe a clear sense of self and abilities?

  • Does the applicant demonstrate excitement around learning?

  • Does the applicant have a clear understanding of their desire to stretch and learn?

  • Does the applicant elaborate on why they are attracted to the program?

Questions we will be asking as we score this essay:

Short Essay 2: Impact & Sustainability (Word Count: 1,000 Max)

This scholarship aims to support individuals who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on their community. In a short essay, share what you envision for your mission by addressing the following questions:

  • How do you envision coaching aligning with your personal or professional mission?

  • How do you envision this coaching education will support you in achieving that mission? 

  • In what ways do you plan to sustain your learnings gained through this program to contribute to your ongoing growth as a coach?

  • Does the applicant clearly articulate a strong connection between coaching and personal/professional mission?

  • Does the applicant demonstrate a deep understanding of how coaching will contribute to their mission?

  • Does the applicant clearly articulate a strong and specific impact coaching will have on personal/professional mission, including details and examples?

  • Does the applicant clearly outline a comprehensive plan for applying knowledge and skills gained through the program to contribute to [ongoing growth as a coach]?

Questions we will be asking as we score this essay:

One Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

We’re interested in hearing from someone in your life who understands your mission and supports your goals. Their perspective will greatly enrich our understanding of your desire to apply for this scholarship.

  • Letter must be signed.

  • Letters from family members or close friends are not acceptable.

One Redacted Tax Return

Redacted Tax Return Guidelines

In order to verify you meet the financial requirements of this scholarship program, we require you submit proof of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Please submit a copy of the page containing the AGI field (or equivalent figure, if applying from outside the US) from your 2022 Income Tax Return from your country of residence.

  • Please black out any sensitive information not pertinent to your application, such as your Social Security Number (SSN) or Standard Deduction.

    You may black out sensitive information by using a black marker to cover any sensitive information or using a PDF Reader.

    Once the Program Manager (PM) has completed the income verification process, your document will be securely discarded. We take the utmost care in ensuring your information remains confidential during the entire process.

Securing Your Information:

Redacted tax return example:


How many scholarships are awarded per year?

During our pilot phase for 2024, we plan to award a minimum of two scholarships. As we fine-tune the program, we plan to expand quickly and award even more scholarships to deserving candidates.

What is the application process for the scholarship, and where can I find more information about it?

You can explore a comprehensive guide to our application process above! It's designed to walk you through each step, making the process as smooth as possible.

What documents or materials are required for the scholarship application, and what is the application review process?

To apply for the scholarship, applicants will need to submit a redacted tax return, a letter of recommendation, and two short essays. The application review process will involve evaluating applicants based on the criteria of financial need and demonstrated impact of coaching.

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